We are a Mexican company that provides logistics services for the import and export of goods, serving as a transporter and commercial intermediary. We utilize the best business systems to ensure efficient and reliable transportation of goods.


Our Services

These are the services offered by Tracing Logistics Manzanillo.

Import and Export

!Expand your market! By importing and exporting your merchandise. We provide you with guidance to take a big step for your company. We assist you with the international clearance of import and export goods to any part of the world.

Marketing, distribution, and sale of merchandise in general.

We help you optimize your time and costs by managing your quality product, marketing, distributing, and selling it to your customer segment.

Labeling for compliance with official regulations in Mexico.

We provide guidance to comply with labeling regulations, such as establishing the commercial information that must be included on products manufactured domestically or imported for consumption within the national territory, as well as defining the specifications for such information.


A legal advisor is an individual responsible for studying, analyzing, understanding, and proposing solutions to legal issues within a company or institution. This role often has a direct relationship with the owner or manager of the company, as these matters must be addressed directly to them.

Consultancy in customs legislation and tariff classification.

The advisory service consists of assisting you on how to import or export the product, what requirements you need to meet, and how the logistics will be arranged to offer you a door-to-door service.

100% merchandise supervision at various customs facilities.

With unparalleled experience, technical expertise, and resources, we are one of the most trusted independent inspection companies nationwide. With a unique presence in the global market, we are the top choice for cargo inspection and handling for a wide range of clients across all sectors and industries. We provide consultancy services to exporters and importers on the management and care of goods and projects.

Comprehensive logistics services.

Deliver your goods on time and at a fair price with our logistics service. We encompass and coordinate all the necessary processes for the flow of materials or merchandise for your company. The flow of materials, goods, and services from the supplier to the consumer, including internal and external movements, inbound and outbound, is known as comprehensive logistics.

Deconsolidation and consolidation of containers.

Optimize your transportation costs with our consolidation and deconsolidation service for consolidated cargo. Consolidation and deconsolidation is the activity that allows the grouping of different shipments (loads) from one or multiple consignees to be transported under a single transport document.

Maritime sales agent.

We have a maritime broker who is a professional acting as an intermediary between a shipowner who has a vessel available and a charterer who is seeking maritime transportation. This person represents the owner or the party conducting the operation of the vessel, formalizing all the corresponding procedures.

About us


To provide logistics services, optimizing customs operation timelines, promoting efficient service, and utilizing cutting-edge technology to offer our clients the security of goods in transit.


To be a leading operational company in globalized logistics services, utilizing continuous improvements in its business system.








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El Anexo 22 tienen como objetivo modernizar y simplificar el comercio internacional.


Tras fallas, aduanas normalizarán el paso de mercancías hasta marzo

Las fallas en el sistema de la aduana de México tendrán consecuencias que permanecerán hasta marzo.

AUTOR: Víctor Hugo Durán

Agencia Nacional de Aduanas trabaja en modernización de recintos con mayor tecnología

Mejor tecnología no solo reducirá la burocracia, aumentará la transparencia y proceso de información

AUTOR: Lilia González

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Our timeline.

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September 2014

Foundation of Tracing Logistics Manzanillo as our Legal Entity.

Tracing Logistics Manzanillo is established as a business logistics company, specializing in local and long-distance transportation of loose cargo and containers.

July 2016

Tracing Logistics is established as a legal entity.

Tracing Logistics Manzanillo is legally incorporated as a corporate entity before Notary Public Number 1 in the city of Manzanillo, Colima. It is established as a Limited Liability Company with Variable Capital.

November 2016

Tracing Logistics Manzanillo completes its first international import.

Imports merchandise from China destined for the port of Manzanillo, Colima.

Febrery 2018

Tracing Logistics Manzanillo acts as an international freight forwarder.

Currently, Tracing Logistics Manzanillo starts offering a comprehensive door-to-door logistics service, handling all four modes of transportation.

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